June 29, 2015 - Knight Commission Announces Spending Database Challenge Awards

The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics announces four challenge awards to support research projects that use the Commission's Athletic and Academic Spending Database for NCAA Division I Institutions ( The projects will use the database to investigate athletics debt, athletics debt service, or institutional financial support (e.g., student fees, institutional transfers to athletics, state support) for NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletic programs at public universities. A total of $14,500 is awarded to the following four projects:

  • Athletics Subsidies and College Costs: Are Students Paying for Rising Cost in Intercollegiate Athletics?  Willis Jones, University of Kentucky; Michael Rudolph, University of Kentucky
  • Big-Time Sports and Big-Time Research: A Comparison of Commercialization Across the Academy. Jennifer Hoffman, University of Washington; Jacob Rooksby, Duquesne University; Greg Hay, University of Washington
  • Students' Perceptions of Institutional Support for Athletics in NCAA Division I. Jordan Bass, University of Kansas; Claire Schaeperkoetter, University of Kansas; Brian Gordon, University of Wisconsin La Crosse
  • The Impact of Institutional Characteristics on Total Debt Outstanding on Athletic Facilities: Testing a New Paradigm. Linda Clark, Central Connecticut State University

October 9, 2012 - Research: Shaping policy and practice in intercollegiate athletics

The Knight Commission awarded grants totaling $100,000 to six research projects focused on policy and practice in intercollegiate athletics—building on the Commission’s legacy as a change agent to enhance the ability of sports programs to benefit both students and institutions. The grants went to a combination of established scholars and new voices in the fast-growing area of sport policy, embracing practitioners and scholars of both higher education and sport management.